Web Agencies: Why Local isn’t Always Better


The assumption that “local is always better” may be true when it comes to your favorite local mom and pop shops as well as local eateries, but when it comes to your web development needs, local isn’t always better.

By seeking a web agency in your geographic range, you will limit yourself to a smaller group of applicants with less capabilities.

In today’s digital age, collaborative software has provided a solution to communication issues. Companies can now easily conduct and collaborate through online, telephone, and video conference meetings.



1. The best person for the job isn’t always the first one you see.

Finding a web agency that fits your needs takes time and patience.

Many people believe that the best way to get their ideas across is to work with someone they can meet in-person to communicate the specifics of their brand and ideas. However, just because a company is easily accessible doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best person for your company.

The most talented designers, writers, and developers know how to use software tools to make online and telephone meetings as productive and worthwhile as a face-to-face conversation, and they can save you time and money by getting the job right the first time. Instead, most companies prefer holding in-house meetings through online and phone conferences where they can comprehensively gather ideas and thoughts in one place.



2. Local means less choices.

Even if there are a hundred companies building websites in your area, that’s still less than thousands – if not tens of thousands – of established web agencies currently doing great business all over the world.

By expanding your search, you may quickly discover that the best person for the job isn’t always in your city. Talent is in many places, and it takes some patience to find the best person for your brand, but limiting your options will always make it harder to find.




3. Smaller isn’t always better

Local development firms stay local for a few reasons: they are often smaller in their operations with less experience, fewer skillsets, and less accountability than organizations with meticulous systems to deliver the best results.

You need a web agency that will not delay or neglect your project.




4. Track records matter more than zip codes.

When you need to hire a web agency, it’s easy to assume that the local option is the one that will best meet your needs.

However, if you want to find out if they’re truly the best choice, look at three things: their portfolio, their track record, and their reputation.

When you’re considering developers, take a look at their portfolio of projects and see if their past work is a fit with what you need. Make sure that you like work that they’ve done. Next, read some reviews. If their previous clients complain about not receiving work in a timely manner, or disagreements of any kind, those should be major red flags.

Finally, reach out to past clients and see if they’ll vouch for their developer. If many of them are satisfied, that’s a sign that you’re likely in good hands.




5. Small/medium sized businesses need companies that truly understand their needs.

If you are a small/medium sized business, then you know the importance of saving time to save money. You don’t need additional stress from a complicated web development process.

The right web agency, no matter where they’re based, knows the ins and outs of small/medium sized business marketing and can present you and your products in a way that is consistent with your brand identity and vision. The right web agency will work hard to get you the results you need, so you can focus on growing your business.

At egniteBIZ, we are dedicated to helping small/medium businesses with their web and marketing needs. Check out our work now to see how we can help egnite your business today.