Is it time to freshen up your Web site?

That perfect design you reached for all those years ago doesn’t stay perfect forever. Or fresh. Or functional. As your business grows, so do your Web site needs. But, how to tell when it’s time to leap from that tried-and-true design to the great unknown? Let’s take a look … Your design is older than a kindergartner A good rule of thumb in the world of Web design is most extend past their expiration date at five years. If your Web site has reached that point, it is likely time to dive into redesign. Why? Well, for starters, the online platforms are constantly changing, morphing into the latest and greatest versions of themselves. Your site needs to operate on all devices, at all times, and that isn’t always the case with an older site. It’s also important to keep up on security enhancements and privacy applications that not only create a level of comfort and trust with your customers, but also make your site safer. Web designers are always in-the-know regarding the latest and greatest solutions to keep your site engaging, functional and competitive. Your traffic is at a red light. That never changes. A halt in traffic — or worse, a decline — means there is a break in your system and something needs to change. Most often, it is the Web site holding traffic down to a standstill or dip. The world of Search Engine Optimization is a tricky force with constant updates that can make or break a company in terms of search engine rankings. If your site isn’t placing in the top 30 on Google, it is in need of an overhaul starting at the content and likely moving all the way up to a redesign. You Can’t Manage Your Own Content If updating your content on your own is difficult, and contracting it out to third parties is too expensive, you’re website could benefit from an upgrade. You should consider having your webmaster implement an easy to understand content management system. This way, you can update, change, and edit your content on your own, without relying on anyone else to do so. You are in charge of your own site, which can be crucial when it comes to delivering information to potential clients or you will need a great web development firm to do the task for you.. Engagement: the other kind Engagement is necessary to remain relevant in today’s digital world. If your brand isn’t engaging, isn’t interacting with your customers, then you aren’t reaching as high as you can. There are plenty of obstacles keeping your audience from engaging, like difficult site navigation, slow loading times and accessibility. However, (you know what we’re going to say, right?), a fresh Web site encouraging social media shares, quicker loading times, easy access and more can get your audience far more engaged. Responsive designs are key In today’s age of smart phones and tablets, Web sites need to adapt. That means what works on a 13” screen isn’t going to work on one the size of your palm. It is vital that your Web site incorporates a responsive design — one that morphs based on the size of the screen — in order to keep up with your competitors A good web development firm can sure achieve this for you.. Clutter and clutter and some more clutter Designs of old tended to pack everything on to one page to pack the most information. Guess what? It doesn’t work anymore. Today, it’s about keeping the clutter off the homepage. The meat of text needs to be on the “about” page or other pages so people don’t get overwhelmed as soon as they arrive to your home page.