How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Increasing your Facebook engagement isn’t rocket science — although at times it can definitely feel like it. With algorithms changing often, it can be hard to up your engagement and earn likes. While this likely won’t change (hey, Facebook is a business that likes to make money off of pages advertising), there are some ways to increase your Facebook and grow your audience and be a Facebook rockstar.


1. Don’t make every post about you.

Yes, you are a business owner and yes, you want people to know what services you are providing and how they can help your audience. But, post enough of those in a row, and people will start to hide your posts. Or worse, people will “unlike” your page. It’s important to mix it up. How?


2. Share posts from other pages that are relevant to your audience.

Most likely, the internet is filled with articles about your industry. Do a little digging, or check out what some other pages are sharing that relates to what you offer. If you share a post or article from a brand that has a large audience (or from a popular website), it greatly improves the chances of your audience seeing the post. Not only that, but if you are in a community, share community events and news. If there is a Facebook page for the event, share the link.


3. Ask questions.

You can simply ask a question as a post, or when sharing other page’s or site’s content, ask a question at the end. The more people who comment on the post, the more it is shown in other follower’s news feeds.


4. Don’t just post text.

Today, Facebook gives the most love to pages which share videos. Don’t just share a video of cats (and, let’s face it, Facebook loves cats for some reason), but share content that is relevant to your industry or offers information which can benefit your followers. In addition, images also help increase engagement. When you do post text, make sure it is something that people can respond to, versus just “Need XYZ? We’re here!”


5. Get creative.

There are sites like Canva, which allow you to create your own graphics — including inforgraphics, facebook banners and images designed to be shared on the site. Tap into that resource and create engaging images that will entice your readers to share it or comment on it.


6. Become a thought leader.

Content is important, so create content on your website which can be shared on your blog. For example, if you are a business which sells healthy juices, write a post on the best ingredients to put into a juicer, combine it with a gorgeous Canva image and then share that on Facebook.


7. Let your personality shine through.

We’re not saying post photos of your family on vacation, but give your followers a little glimpse into you. Maybe it is a photo of your staff learning something new, or a pic of you and another happy customer. Give your business a face and a smile and it can help not only increase engagement, but make your business more relatable.


8. Be responsive.

If someone posts on your wall, or comments, make sure to take the time to respond to them. Even negative comments need to be answered, and it shows you are willing to take the time to engage and get to know your customers.


9. Know when to post.

On your Facebook page, there is a tab for Insights. Dig through that and find out when your posts are shown to the most people and can help increase your Facebook engagement. Then, be sure to post during those times.


10. Don’t post too much.

Pages that post more than a few times a day will lose followers because it is just pollution in their feed. If you have a need to post more than once or twice a day, make sure it is for something important and timely, and don’t make a habit out of it.


11. Bring in a full-service agency to handle your Facebook and other social media

Still need more help upping your engagement? Creating a Facebook presence can take a lot of time, and it is likely your business needs those resources to be spent elsewhere. But, that’s OK! Bringing in a full-service agency to handle your social media can help your engagement grow exponentially. Our experts at egniteBIZ can work with you to improve your Facebook page — from the graphics to the content. Message us today for more information.