e-Commerce Tools for Success

With everyone using the internet to sell something, developers have cashed in on the e-commerce market, creating what seems like an endless vat of tools guaranteeing success if you use them. Determining which tools make the most sense for your business can be difficult, but with our guidance you can find ten of the best e-commerce tools on the market right now, so your business can really kick some ass in the online market.

Google Analytics

Every business should install Google Analytics on their website, especially for e-commerce solutions. This tool will help to identify patterns and conversions, so you can see where you’re profiting and what areas may be underperforming.

Google AdWords

It’s likely that a significant amount of your traffic comes from search engines, so it’s crucial that you cash in on that market. Google AdWords can help you customize an ad campaign that targets the customers you want to drive to your site.


All retailers know that superior customer service is critical to success. ZenDesk helps you offer solutions to keep your customers satisfied even when you may not have the budget for full time phone support. With affordable monthly plans, ZenDesk promotes customer retention and acquisition.


An excellent platform for carrying out email marketing campaigns, MailChimp takes advantage of the preferred communication method of consumers worldwide, and directs them to your business. Email marketing actually has a higher conversion rate than search, so get sending.


All businesses need to connect and engage with their customers via social media, but managing all those accounts separately can be a real chore. With Hootesuite you use one dashboard for all your accounts, and you can schedule posts.


This tool offers you a chance to get quality assurance feedback from real users about the usability of your website. Peek helps you improve your websites navigation and makes the site easier to use.


Adroll can help you recapture prior visitors and customers, and considers itself the leading retargeting tool on the market. Adroll makes it a goal to market to visitors who didn’t make a purchase when on your site, or those who made minor ones.

Online Conversion Insights

Every business needs to know its conversion rates, and this tool can help you determine where you rank in comparison to your competitors, and optimize your site in addition to identifying issues.

Lucky Orange

Similar to Google Analytics, Lucky Orange offers a compliment to other analytics programs at an affordable price. This tool features heat maps, visitor recordings, and form analytics, something not offered from Google.


SproutSocial is similar to Hootsuite, but provides a user friendly interface for managing your social networks. This tool offers a selection of reports that can be exported for review, as well as an easy to read format that helps you understand all of your business’s social activity.