Tips for creating a winning newsletter campaign

Every small business needs a winning newsletter campaign.

You may know the type we are talking about: they’re packed with content that means something to the reader; they’re not overloaded with content; they create engagement via social media networks from sharing to commenting and beyond; they actually make the reader feel like they are receiving personal attention (even if it is coming from a platform like Aweber or MailChimp); they have enticing headlines and titles; they don’t take up time loading because there nothing that says “delete” or “unsubscribe” like a newsletter that doesn’t load … and quickly; speaking of which, there is an option to “unsubscribe” for those who wish to do so; and the newsletter is delivered consistently (so those who promise a monthly delivery actually show up once-a-month).

That may seem like a lot of tick marks for a newsletter, but don’t worry. We’re breaking it down for you so it’s easy to manage and remember one thing that it is of great importance in your Marketing Analysis & Strategy.

Content, content, content
Bland, boring content is a surefire way to turn your audience off. Focus your newsletter to deliver information your audience wants to know about. Pack it with stories that provide them with value and not a sales experience. It’s about news, not just you. The better you know your readers, the better your open rate will be down the road and the better brand recognition you will have.

It’s quality, not quantity
Today, people are pressed for time. If you want to pack a lot into a newsletter, make sure you create engaging and valuable content … but also resist the desire to simply load up a campaign with tons of information. Provide the most timely information in the newsletter. If you’ve got more stories you’d like to share, that is what social media and a blog can be used for. Skip making your newsletter one long sales pitch. And, if you have more content you’d like to pack in, consider a P.S. But only one!

Share, share and share some more
The best way to expand an audience and drive people to your brand is with social media engagement. Be sure that the content in a newsletter offers ways to share with individual’s platforms and encourage your readers to stay-up-to-date beyond the newsletter by including links to company Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, and beyond.

Make your reader know they are valuable
Customize your newsletter for different target audiences. For example, a 20-year-old may not want to read the same information, delivered to them the same way, as a 40-year-old. Also, consider using special coding to personalize the newsletter with first names and more.

Read this. Now.
Titles and headlines are integral to get those eyes moving down the screen. Grab your readers attention quickly with titles and headlines that make them want to stop and read, versus scan and delete. This goes double for the all-important subject line of the newsletter. It’s the first thing your audience sees of the newsletter and your make-it or break-it moment.

Consistency and Frequency
How often do you promise to deliver fresh and engaging content to your audience? Promise to deliver too often, and your newsletter goes straight to junk without passing go. Send it out not enough and you risk losing interest. The key in determining newsletter delivery is what you think your audience needs. And then actually delivering the newsletter when you say you will. Keep the format consistent and the branding consistent, too.

Unsubscribe is a thing
It may sound counterproductive, but it is important to offer your subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe to the newsletter should they so wish. Having this option shows your readers you value them and their choices, plus it can positively impact the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Time is precious
A newsletter shouldn’t be packed with graphics or HTML to the point where it impacts load time. Make sure images are web optimized (i.e. no greater than 50kb or 72 dpi) and include an “Alt text.”