5 Tips to Enhance Your Website Content

Much like a resume, successful website content should be tailored to highlight all your experience, qualifications, strengths, and skills. By taking the time to improve your website content, you can ensure that you’ll garner new and returning guests to your site.

According to the Nielson Norman Group, users will read about 20% of the text on the average page. Ensure your website content is de-cluttered and easy to read for your guests.

At egniteBIZ, we offer several services to help businesses stand out from competitors and excel. One of our services include, easy content management.

1. Do your research

Before you publish content, do your research and ensure that you are writing content for your target audience. Engage in keyword research and build phrases and key terms in your site.

You can also research top competitors in your field and research what they are doing in terms of content and keywords.

Lastly, hire an expert. Developing website content can be tricky and you want to ensure that you have some support to help you develop the highest return of investment (ROI) on your site. No need to worry, we can help.


2. Brainstorm with others

The best way to engage with your target audience is to brainstorm with your target audience. Employ some help from your colleagues or a web professional to ensure that the objective of your website is clear. Brainstorm and test ideas as you play around with content.

Not every idea that you come up with will make it to your website, but ensure that no idea is wasted by keeping a running document with all the ideas for content on your site. You can rediscover different ideas as the months or years go by.

3. Set a date

Set a date with your website. Set aside an hour or two every month to look over your website content. Comb over each page and ensure that everything is up to par and information is updated. If you have information to update or revise, ensure that you open a blank document and revise the content on the spot, this will ensure that you are staying up to date on your website and making the necessary changes.

4. Get a blog

At egniteBIZ, we cannot reiterate this point enough. A blog is a great space where you can write and discuss topics that relate to your brand. A blog can also be a way to garner new and returning guests.

Aim for a blog post a week with content that is relevant to your target audience. Ensure that you are writing no more than 500 words and including a relevant image to share via your social media outlets.

You can also read up more on this in one of our previous blog posts on SEO: https://egnite.biz/tips-to-improve-seo/

5. Hire an expert

There are experts here to help you and make your journey online a little easier. At egniteBIZ, our professionals can offer support to ensure that your website content is being managed as well as the many other services we offer to make your website successful.

As always, we are here to help and we hope you’ve enjoyed some tips on how to improve your website content.

You can always contact us at anytime for further assistance and engage with us on social media.