5 Emails Every e-Commerce Business Needs to Automate

If you run an e-Commerce business having a successful email campaign can be an extremely valuable asset. Now what exactly is an email campaign, put simply it’s a series of messages that will be delivered to site visitors that have already expressed interest in your brand and are part of your email list.

The best way to have this process be successful is to automate the entire sequence, so all it takes is a small amount of your time upfront and then it can run for months or until it runs out of content. This will allow you to consistently be reaching out, while you and your team can focus on other priorities. There are many tools that can be leveraged to complete this but for now, let’s look at the 5 most effective and easiest messages to setup.

  1. Welcome Message

This one is pretty straightforward; it goes out as soon as someone subscribes to your email list. This is going to be the first direct reach out from you to your visitor, so make sure this message is thought through. Use this message to briefly introduce your brand, let them know what kind of content they can expect to see, any special offers they may get, and how to contact you if you have any questions.

Some other things that you can include:

  • Website links
  • Social Media links
  • Thank You discount

Keep in mind you want this email to be brief and to the point, long emails will get overlooked.

  1. Abandoned Cart Message

This message focuses on pushing people from the bottom of your sales funnel to a successful purchase. When someone leaves an item in their cart and doesn’t complete their purchase, reminding them the item is still waiting can encourage them to follow through. Instead of trying to track every order still pending you can easily automate this through a CRM system.

This message can come from a few approaches:

  • Reach-out/reminder
  • Free shipping coupon
  • 10% off coupon

Pinpoint where in your sales process you’re losing your customers, fine-tune your message to target that step.

  1. Cross-Sell Message

Internally group your products, when a customer makes a purchase send an email highlighting your other products that are complimentary. You can also include a popup in check out highlighting these products but sending an email will encourage repeat visits. This email shouldn’t be immediate, give them a few days or wait until after they have a chance to receive and test their product.

A/B test your pairings, figure out which interests your audience the most. You can also split test with discounts, offering a 10% discount may be the difference between a 5% conversion rate and a 25% conversion rate.

  1. Anniversary and/or Birthday Message

People love a celebration, whether it’s for you or them. Send blasts for your companies’ birthday and celebrate another successful year with your audience.

One that’s even more successful is a customer’s birthday message, if you gather your customer’s birthdate as part of the sales process bring that information over into your CRM. Send them a message wishing them a happy birthday and offer a coupon or free gift. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and seen, especially from someone unexpected. Sending these celebration messages are a great way to build brand loyalty!

  1. Re-Engagement Message

Does it seem like half your list is no longer opening your messages? Maybe it’s time to do some spring cleaning because having a list full of non-engaged users can be more hurtful than helpful. If most of your list is unengaged subscribers, it lowers the overall number of inboxes your message will make it to.

Depending on how often you’re sending your regular newsletters it may be appropriate to send these messages out every 3-6 months. This message’s goal is to weed out who isn’t interested in your content or offers, and show you who to remove from your email campaign to ensure your messages are making it to the people who are interested in your business.

Having these 5 simple emails in your arsenal can be the difference between missing out on a sale or securing a loyal customer. Not the strongest writer or still need some help figuring out where to start, don’t worry egniteBIZ is here to help you will all your email and website needs, give us a call today at 877-379-7888!