5 of the Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

While it’s good to focus your marketing on the good tactics, it’s also vital to understand the mistakes that can hurt your brand the most. The easiest way to avoid making big mistakes is knowing what they are and what to do instead.

Knowing what to avoid is going to save you from ending up frustrated down the line, having wasted money and shown ads that don’t resonate well with your target demographic. Let’s look at the biggest things to avoid when building out your online marketing campaign.

  • Disingenuous marketing messages

It’s important to make sure that the message you are putting out is something that is going to sit well with anyone who may come across it. Nowadays there are many ads going viral, but not because people are excited about the product, rather that they’re angry or upset. If you’re going to use a current world event as the basis of your ad, make sure it’s completely thought through and won’t be seen as insincere or taking advantage of a fragile situation. For example, it’s probably not the best idea to play off the fear tactic of Covid-19 in attempts to sell more of your product. With the increase of social media usage, the everyday consumer is ruthless and will not take that lightly.

If there is even the slightest thought that the ad you’re running might be offensive to a group of people, it’s better to work it a different idea.

  • Targeting Keywords rather than customers

While it’s important for SEO to have strong key phrases, at the end of the day it’s people who will buy your products, not words. If you put all the focus on finding the key phrases that will rank you the best, but don’t take into consideration how well they apply to your target demographic, you’re wasting time. While it’s true that having strong long-tail key phrases will help you succeed, it’s crucial to make sure those are focused on your customer, not the other way around.

  • Not being mobile-friendly

Not having a responsive website is one of the quickest ways to lose site traffic. Nearly 50% of all traffic comes from mobile devices, if your website doesn’t look good (or even worse doesn’t work right) you can say goodbye to 50% of your potential sales. If your website isn’t currently mobile responsive fix it….now!!

  • Creating the wrong buyer personas

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional target demographic put together based on the characteristics of your existing customer. Leveraging a buyer persona can be a great tool, but it’s necessary to do the proper research before just throwing one together. Creating the wrong buyer persona is just like choosing the wrong keywords, if it doesn’t accurately represent the demographic that is converting for you, it won’t do any good for you.

  • No Personalization

With the growth of the internet, it has also brought the growth of competition, making it harder and harder to stand out online and secure repeat customers. One of the ways to make sure your buyers keep coming back is to really make them feel appreciated and like that product is meant for them. This goes back to doing your research and understanding what your target demographic needs and wants. Narrowing down your marketing to what works and building your new ideas that will help ensure your traffic and sales stay on an incline.

Do your research and spend time thinking through each and every ad. Constantly researching your demographic and adjusting your ads based on it working will guarantee you’re always making the most out of your online presence.