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Function over Flashy

The Importance of Usability in Site Development Close your eyes and imagine: you’ve come to a Web site. There is a long flash introduction. Then, you click on the main site. There, music loops incessantly, becoming that annoying song on repeat in your head that you aren’t quite sure where it came from. OK. Now, […]

Why You Need a Full-Service Agency

As a small business owner, it is understandable to want to maintain control over every aspect of your business. After all, it’s your baby. We know that. But, when that happens, it can actually have a negative effect. Sometimes, it is as simple as thinking that you can handle all of it – the day-to-day […]

10 Tips for the Ultimate Business Web Design

Web design means different styles for different industries. For businesses, it is crucial to have a design that sets it apart from competitors, is engaging and professional. It is the businesses’ first impression and is the key to success. But, a company’s Web site isn’t just about being professional and engaging, it is about reflecting […]

Web Agencies: Why Local isn’t Always Better

  The assumption that “local is always better” may be true when it comes to your favorite local mom and pop shops as well as local eateries, but when it comes to your web development needs, local isn’t always better. By seeking a web agency in your geographic range, you will limit yourself to a […]