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Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategies offer you an all-in-one solution for LinkedIn connections and lead generation. We’ll handle every step of the process allowing your team to focus on what they do best. We’ve specialized and finetuned our LinkedIn approach to provide regular and predictable results, targeting your niche market we’ll turn connections into real business.


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Our approach is laser focused to generate you new leads using Linkedin. Linkedin is currently the largest B2B online platform, commonly used by businesses in all industries. It’s goal is to connect people to do real business, you just need to utilize it correctly. We help you take advantage of the networking opportunities and make 1000s of new connection monthly, allowing you to keep your sales pipeline full and generate new business.

Once we know your ideal target market, we’ll reach out directly to them, engaging and educating them about your brand and services. We handle all the cold connection, so by the time we pass them to you, they’re already interested and ready to do business.



Profile Makeover

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Let’s make it great.

We’ll do a full audit of your current LinkedIn profile and refresh the design as needed. Whether it’s just a few edits to enhance or a full redesign or creation, we’ll build you a profile that is engaging, meant to attract and inform your target market.

Some of the items included are:

Custom Banner, Summary Rewrite, Professional Head-shot (provided by you), and other adjustments as needed will be included to make your profile attractive and engaging.

Finding your Target Market

Your ideal client is already looking for you, we just help connect you.

Build your Target Market – (custom to your business)

For example: if you sold Dental Equipment to Dentists our natural target would be “Dentists and Dental Offices.”

Once we identify your target market we’ll teach you how to nurture them and interact daily, to turn a connection into a sale. We’ll help you dial in your ideal market to help maximize your messaging strategy and results.

Messaging your Target Market

Your messaging is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, compelling messaging drives the reader to take immediate action. Our Problem, Solutions, Call to Action message flow is setup to do exactly that.

We create professional and personalized messages, completely customized to your and your business, no two campaigns we offer are the same. Our approach of messaging and engaging with your target audience is proven to work.

The Messages that go out daily:

Connection Requests with a custom “Connect with Me Message” – At a rate of 75 – 125 per day 7 days a week (unless you tell us otherwise) close to 700 a week or 2,800 connection requests go out a month – Our Goals are a 15 -30% Connection Rate – That is 420 – 840 + NEW connections a Month with Your Ideal Target Market.
Once Connected they receive a “Thanks for Connecting Message” – so monthly 420 – 840 + get a custom “Thanks for Connecting with me Message” This message is designed to get a conversation started with your ideal prospect building a steady flow of leads. We will do this daily as new prospects accept your connection request typically at a rate of 15 – 30+ per day. This gets our clients 3-5 + warm to hot leads a week.

Our team works closely with you to help determine any problems or pain points in your target market, create messaging that they can easily relate to, offering you as the solution.

Auto Responder Messages

100% delivery rate. Better engagement.

We see a large response from just two messages mentioned, but we don’t stop there. We’ll create a continue drip sequence inside of Linkedin to continue contacting potential leads. 

All potential leads that don’t respond will be added to this sequence. All messaging don’t within LinkedIn has a 100% guaranteed delivery rate, no message will be lost in spam. 100% delivered means better engagement, period.

Email Campaign to all new connections

Extend your reach and engagement with a Powerful Email Campaign

Our efforts don’t just stop within LinkedIn, we’ll add all new connection made to an email campaign we build out for you. This will consistent of three emails scheduled to go out over the next few months, they’ll be receiving these alongside the messages inside LinkedIn to get even higher results. As soon as the connection is successfully made and they respond, they’ll immediately be removed for all sequences to prevent further messaging.

We build a company page

We can create a professional and engaging custom LinkedIn page.

Trying to manage a personal profile and a company page can be a hassle, but your target audience is searching for your business. If you don’t have a professional easily accessible company page you’re missing out on leads.

We’ll create you a professional and engaging business profile, specifically designed to engage with leads in your target market and connect you with them.


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