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Capturing sales through PPC advertising is an artform, and we think we do it pretty damn well . With the vast amount of competition online, it can be tricky to make paid listings profitable. We don’t just create great optimized advertisements, we build landing pages and sales funnels that convert your traffic into qualified leads and turn your ad-spend into pure profit.



Instant Traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the quickest, most turnkey solution to start bringing new traffic to your site.  PPC allows you to find buyers who are ready to make a purchasing decision and steer them towards your business or product.  Google Adwords is the most popular PPC platform but there are a ton more and we can help you choose the right ones for you. If you’re not utilizing PPC yet, one of the fastest ways to grow your business is to create targeted advertisements that attract customers who are actively trying to buy your product.



Capitalizing on PPC is not always straightforward. It helps to have someone in the driver’s seat who understands the model and what you’re trying to accomplish. You may have heard some Google Adwords horror stories where a friend has setup their site with the wrong keywords, or forgot to put spending caps on their account and ended up bleeding money. PPC is also the area of web marketing industry that attracts the most scammers. Why? Because scammers know that it can sometimes take months to turn a bad PPC campaign around, and they can collect profits from you in the process.



We are  so confident that we understand the PPC game and can help you start building revenue, that we want to offer you results in the first 3 months or your money back.*. We put our own skin in the game and ultimately the results are a testament to our skillset. When we work build your campaigns, we don’t target for clicks – we target for sales.


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We successfully driven online marketing campaigns & built websites for some of the biggest brands in the world.
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Our portfolio is not just limited to Fortune 500 Companies.
We love helping startups and medium sized businesses find their voices online to truly resonate with users.


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Not only does our mom think we’re great, our clients do too. With PPC, egniteBIZ takes a chain strategy approach to capturing leads, with every link in the chain acting as a unique channel to turn your leads into sales and repeat customers. The first link in the chain is that first advertisement the user sees, designed with alluring copy that speaks to their needs. We tailor these ads to target the most likely buyers, not the people who are just wasting your time.

The next link in the chain is the LANDING PAGE they arrive to. We create unique & high-converting landing pages that highlight your products or services with direct-response sales copy that aligns with the users interests.

These landing pages not only look great, but they use the right language that has been tested to help convert users into sales. With a great landing page, even if you feel like your website has weaknesses (we can help you there too!), by driving sales to the landing page, you can still close the sale.