Rapid vs. Custom Development

We all want things to get done fast and efficiently. But how can we accomplish that when it comes to building something as delicate as a website? Your website’s design makes an extremely important impression on your audience. If you want them to remain on your website and learn more about your business, you must create a well-designed site that entices them to remain on your page.

At egniteBIZ, we have two go-tos: Rapid Website Development and Custom Website Development. Let’s take a look at both options so you can figure out which one is right for you and your business.


rap·id web·site de·vel·op·ment

/ˈrapəd/                   /ˈwebsīt/                  /dəˈveləpmənt/


A process of web design that allows us to work quickly to get your site up in just a matter of weeks, premium accelerated web design service

If you need your website done YESTERDAY, then Rapid Web Development is the way to go. We’ve spent years building the perfect process to give businesses an online presence quickly. Our main goals are to understand the client and fit the best style and technology to their needs.


    1. We kick each project off with an in-depth Discovery phase, to learn everything about your company, marketplace, core objectives, and your preferences.
    1. Once we have your goals outlined, that will allow us to drive the Design phase. We will work side-by-side with you to gather all notes, design references, and content required to complete your site. We’ll also use this time to narrow down the layout and functionality of your site. Once the content is gathered, our entire team focuses on your website.
  3. BUILD
    1. We apply 5X resources to your project and as a result, we deliver your site 5X faster than most firms, with zero compromises on quality. During this BUILD phase, design and development is completed at the same time. Once we have the FIRST round of both design and development completed (first draft of the entire site) we’ll bring it to you for review. You get TWO more revisions after the initial build, and then your site it ready for launch!

This RAPID process is great for people and companies who already have a good idea of what they want their website to be. It allows us to cutback on the back and forth and complete your site in a matter of weeks, rather than months.



cus·tom web·site de·vel·op·ment

/ˈkəstəm/                  /ˈwebsīt/                  /dəˈveləpmənt/


An in-depth process of web design and development that consists of communication, development of concepts, presentation and explanation, and multiple rounds of revisions

For those that have a little more time, or need a more intricate website, CUSTOM may be the way to go. Our team works with you to focus on your aesthetic preferences, specific project requirements, and brand guidelines to deliver unique website designs. In turn, you will work closely with our team each step of the way, approving all designs before they are ever committed to code.


    1. Yep, we start here again, except this time the process is a little different. This means a series of interviews conducted which will result in a series of findings. These findings will drive the custom web design process.
    1. With discovery completed, we research ideas, colors, other websites, phrases, and images that resonate with the direction we’re taking the website. We begin putting pieces together just like a puzzle, to make each design unique. Then our team works to design original, custom concepts according to your needs. This may mean the creation of multiple concepts, but each client is different. As the client, you have a choice to accept one or pick and choose parts from other versions until the concept meets your ideal vision.
    1. After choosing the direction, our team will make models for all the templates identified in the discovery phase. When we show you a design, it is important to receive feedback so that we can make changes or corrections as needed. This step usually indicates how long the design project will take, as quick feedback is essential to keep the design team moving forward in the project.
    1. After the design revision is completed, you can approve the design before our team starts front-end development. At this point, you can see your designs come to life and start working as a properly coded web page.
  5. CMS Integration
    1. This is where the magic happens! When all front-end development is completed, it’s time to make every piece work together. This happens via back-end development and integration into a functional CMS such as WordPress.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about each process. Feel free to CONTACT US TODAY and let’s work together!