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As of January 2020, there are 3.8 BILLION social media users around the globe. Social media channels have quickly established themselves at the most popular and exciting area of the internet. It’s where we choose to be, and we know the struggle is real when your mother posts a #sundayfunday selfie.

In this big world of social, you are faced with the almost impossible task of standing out. And hate to break it to you, it’s even harder if you’re a BRAND. That’s where we come in. Coming up with a well-crafted story for you and your company so people go from knowing about your brand, to caring about it.

We want to help brands tell their story in a way that drives lasting engagement, and sales.  Let’s take a look at our process:

Our Social Strategies


Social Media Audit

Now audit may sound scary, but we promise you it’s not. We use this time to take a look at your existing social media channels, and your competition. We will also interview you, asking specific questions to help us tailor a strategy perfect for you.

Platforms and Strategy

Not every platform is for your company. Some will make more sense than others, and that’s what this phase it for. We look at which social media channels are essential for your business to be featured on.


This is probably our favorite part of the process. We develop content, including graphic design and written copy, which we then run by you for approval. We want to make sure we are representing your brand properly, and you’re in tune with what we’re posting.


Utilizing scheduling software, your content will be posted at the best times for audience engagement. We will also engage with your audience ourselves by liking, adding, commenting…etc.


With your guidance, we can respond to all social media comments and messages by your customers or potential customers. Your followers need to know that your brand is prompt, responsive, and cares about them.

Report and Optimize

You can’t just go and post willy-nilly and not know your results. We will do monthly reporting on how posts are doing, and how your audience is engaging, and thus increasing. We will conclude by identifying monthly key learnings and objectives moving forward.

Keep it moving!


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We successfully driven online marketing campaigns & built websites for some of the biggest brands in the world.
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Our portfolio is not just limited to Fortune 500 Companies.
We love helping startups and medium sized businesses find their voices online to truly resonate with users.

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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Content & Creative Campaigns
  • Promoted & Paid Social Management
  • Social Channel Management
  • Social Measurement & Analytics
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Strategy & Management

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